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Coway’s Halal Journey a Testament to the Brand’s Commitment

KUALA LUMPUR, 2 June 2022 – Living up to their mission of being the Best Life Solution Company, Coway Malaysia goes all out to take Malaysian communities on a Life Changing Journey – including catering to the needs of their 65% Muslim consumers. Coway Malaysia has made it their top priority and mission to care for their Muslim consumers’ needs by providing Halal certified products.

With that in mind, Coway embarked on a journey to apply for Halal Certification in 2010 from the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM) and soon became the first ever international water purifier brand to obtain Halal Certification. As Coway Malaysia prides itself in continuing to serve loyal customers with only high-quality products that are trustworthy, this move to obtain Halal Certification for all parts of the product including its filters, is a testament to the company’s commitment in assuring its Muslim customers have peace of mind and trust in Coway’s products.

“JAKIM’s Halal Certification is an added assurance to all our Muslim consumers that Coway produces only high quality and trustworthy products. The certification also shows our sincere care for their needs and is our way of showing how much we truly appreciate our loyal customers. We hope that this hard-earned achievement will help more people gain confidence and trust in Coway Malaysia, which always strives to provide the best home appliances for families,” said Kyle Choi, Managing Director of Coway Malaysia.

He added that Coway Malaysia’s journey in obtaining Halal Certification was no easy task but it was worthwhile. It was a long and arduous journey with JAKIM, as every part of the Coway product range had to be in order and had to be in compliance with JAKIM’s strict regulations. JAKIM also paid a visit and inspected the Coway headquarters in South Korea to ensure everything was up to standards.

To manage and oversee the meticulous application process, Coway Malaysia formed an internal Halal Committee comprising experts whose tasks were to solely deal with everything Halal compliant. The committee was tasked with handling matters pertaining to material selection, purchasing of parts, manufacturing, storage and so on. Following that, a Halal Assurance Management System (HAS) was also introduced to ensure JAKIM’s Halal standards.

“We are extremely proud of this achievement and have made the decision to get our products Halal Certified as this not only shows our commitment to our Muslim consumers but also assures future consumers of the credibility of our products. As the Best Life Solution Company, we will strive to continue serving our loyal customers with high quality products that are in compliance with JAKIM’s Halal requirements,” he said.

Choi added that obtaining Halal Certification is definitely a significant achievement for Coway as Coway has consistently been awarded the Best Water Filtration System by the Asia Halal Brand Awards since 2017. Now with this Halal Certification, it will help to further strengthen the Coway brand both locally and internationally. Moreover, since 2015, Coway’s state-of-the-art water purifiers have also won multiple Trusted Brand Awards in Malaysia and have been recognised by the Water Quality Association (WQA).

To date, the Halal Committee still continues its task in assessing and managing operations to ensure JAKIM’s Halal standards are met and adhered to. Coway Malaysia has also identified Halal Control Points (HCPs) to ensure there is no room for potential cross contamination with any non-halal elements throughout the manufacturing process flow. Control measures have been implemented at the identified HCP spots in a bid to eliminate any non-compliance in accordance with Shariah requirements and HAS implementation.

The HCP has been identified throughout the entire process, starting from the procurement stage right up to the delivery of the products. In the procurement stage, Coway Malaysia identified a list of approved Halal raw materials and certified suppliers. During processing, the company adheres strictly to the Halal control measures during the production of water filters, water purifiers and other accessories.

All equipment used during production will be meticulously scrutinised to ensure that they are free from non-halal elements. Workers on the other hand, have been trained to be competent in all Halal related matters including the implementation of HAS. Once production is complete, Coway Malaysia’s Logistic Control Manager will ensure all Halal Certified water purifiers are stored in the approved warehouse, where it will then go through a Product Quality Assurance and Quality Control process. This is the final check to ensure that all halal requirements are met and adhered to before shipping the products out to warehouse in Malaysia.

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