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Our Professionals


Coway Lady / Service Technician is a team of dedicated and professional service specialists, who are ever-ready in assisting customers with technical matters related to filter replacements and product maintenance.

Coway Lady, also known as CODY, is an occupation first started by Coway Korea in 1999. They are a team of Professional Specialist who assist Coway customers in product maintenance and sanitation.

CODY was introduced in Malaysia in 2008 to empower women across all walks of life to earn a living. CODY especially creates job opportunities for single mothers to earn a sustainable income to support their families.

To date, our CODY organisations span across Malaysia to ensure our customers get the best HEART Service (HS) regularly for their Coway products.

HEART Service, also known as HS, is the process of servicing Coway products provided by our CODY or ST. For instance, the standard service frequency for water purifiers is once in two months to ensure the water purifier filters are clean and safe for drinking.

Even our brand ambassador, Mira Filzah tried out being CODY for a day and she admits that being a CODY isn't easy. But it is a rewarding job to help customers live healthier life and to see their warm smiles.


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Health Planner (HP) is a well-trained sales agent who is committed in helping customers to find most suitable products and services by providing professional advice, detailed explanation and value-added services such as Coway Disinfection (Fogging) Service and many others.

The HP Grand Conference is held annually to celebrate the milestones and honour our Sales Organisations for their outstanding achievements.



Besides selling Coway products and offering the best customer service possible, each Coway GM organisation will host events to appreciate their team members, for example, festival celebrations such as Hari Raya, Chinese New Year and Deepavali.


Coway Technician is a Product Service Expert who is a well-trained technician attending to technical product issues such as product installation and reparations.

From your first purchase of Coway product, CT will be there to safely install your new Coway product at your home or workspace.

CT will also be there for you when your Coway products malfunction and need repair. Just call our careline or CT for help.



Coway CT go through rigorous training to ensure they are experts on fixing Coway products. They hold a big responsibility in fixing Coway products in a timely manner to minimise the downtime of a Coway product usage.


It is no longer necessary to deal with the hassle of leaving your mattress under the sun with limited space of your balcony, as well as buying expensive tools to clean your mattress.

With the special service from Coway by our mattress care expert –Homecare Technician (HT) who provides professional mattress cleaning, using only the latest equipment. It is easy for everyone to sleep well on a fresh and clean mattress.


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To address sleep hygiene, The Sleep Foundation suggests changing one’s mattress every eight years. However, with Coway Mattress Care Service and the changeable topper, the battle is half won already - that’s good news for both you and your wallet! Coway is confident of retaining its strong position as Malaysia’s number one choice for affordable premium mattress with thoughtful mattress care service!

The comprehensive Coway 7-Step Mattress Care Service is performed by professional Homecare Technicians once every 4 months, using the latest hi-tech equipment to clean and care for customers’ mattresses of all brands thoroughly. These steps include dust level measuring, frame cleaning, frame wiping, side edge cleaning, mattress cleaning, dust mite repellent and UV sterilisation. Coway also offers a complimentary fogging disinfection service as part of its Coway Mattress Care Service, sanitising your room and mattresses from inside-out, providing peace-of-mind and excellent hygiene to all.