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Get to Know Our CODYs
2 Month Regular Service

We are proud to be the most frequent service provider in the market with 550,000 service monthly, nationwide.

Care-Service at ur doorstep
Service At Your Doorstep

No matter rain or shine, all you have to do is be at home and our CODY will be ringing the bell.

Over 5000 Codys Nationwide

With growing numbers, over 5000 CODYs throughout Malaysia are dedicated in maintaining your Coway products at the best condition.

Maintainence service
Excellent Maintenance Service

With our innovative Hi-Care 2.0, a thorough product sanitation can ensure cleanliness and hygiene of the water you drink.

20years experience
20 Years Of Experience

The CODY career is recognised by the Korea Ministry of Labor. Over 14,000 CODYs in Korea are delivering the best HEART Service since 1999.

taken care
Little Details Taken Care Of

Chances of having messy countertop will be reduced to almost zero with no-mess feature of Hi-Care 2.0.

Professionalism Certified

With standards set by our HQ in Korea, our CODYs have gone through professional trainings, exams and follow-up trainings.

Hygiene Guaranteed

With advanced electrolysis water technology, CODYs help to sterilise the products to be free from bacteria and microorganisms.

Every Step Counts
New Hi-Care 2.0
Seamless Heart Service Procedure
The new Hi-Care 2.0 provides comprehensive cleaning as well as sanitise seamlessly with its step-by-step feature.
Quality And Hygiene You Can Trust
The material and water from Hi-Care 2.0 are safe and hygiene to ensure the cleanliness of your product.
No Mess Countertop
Countertop can be neat and mess-free during service with our innovative Hi-Care 2.0.
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