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Coway Malaysia Ends 2022 with a Galore of Awards

KUALA LUMPUR, 22 December 2022 – Coway Malaysia proves once again that it is the Best Life Solution Company with its multiple awards won this year. As 2022 draws to a close, Coway Malaysia showed what it takes to become Malaysia’s most trusted brand that never fails to produce top-notch innovative products to change and improve the lives of Malaysians across various communities.

Innovation and superb customer experience
One of its most recent wins is an award that Coway Malaysia truly takes pride in – the Asia Halal Brand Award 2022 under the International Heritage Brand category. This is Coway Malaysia’s 5th year receiving this recognition award and it is a testament to its unwavering effort in putting its customers first.

To further show its commitment to its Muslim consumers which make up 65% of its clientele, Coway Malaysia embarked on a journey to have its water purifiers Halal-certified this year. Coway Malaysia was the first international company to obtain Halal certification for water purifiers. Aside from this, Coway Malaysia’s water purifiers were also awarded the Reader’s Digest Trusted Brand Award 2022 (Platinum) under the Water Purifier Category. As voted by consumers, this award goes to show how loyal Coway’s consumers are thanks to its community-centric approach of always putting its customers first, paired with innovative products that constantly undergo improvements and upgrades in line with the latest technologies.

This year, Coway also launched its first International Research & Development (R&D) Centre in Malaysia, similar to that of the R&D Centre in South Korea. This centre in Malaysia was built with the purpose of imprinting the same methodology of research and testing in South Korea, in a bid to constantly improve the water and sleep quality of Malaysians.

Coway Malaysia’s dedication towards changing the lives of all its customers was also evident with the CXP Best Customer Experience Award 2022. At Coway, the brand has always stood strong about putting its customers first and only providing them with the best service, experience and journey from start to end.

This award echoes Coway’s vision and mission of providing a 360° approach starting from product enquiry to purchase, and private home servicing of products by their very own CODY (Coway Ladies).

Thanks to CODY who services products at customers’ homes such as water and air purifiers, Coway stands as the brand that provides the most frequent customer service in its industry. In addition, Coway also recently introduced new innovations and initiatives to boost customer experiences such as obtaining the FRIM certification for the Prime II Mattress, Coway EcoCamp 2022, Coway AR Filter, Coway’s new TikTok page to connect closer with its customers along with other new product launch events.

Towards a healthier Malaysia
In line with its mission of helping Malaysians lead healthier lives, Coway Malaysia also won the Marketing Events Award 2022 for Best Consumer Event: Health/Fitness/Wellness with a Gold for the Coway Run 2021 event. This highly-anticipated annual run saw Coway Malaysia pivoting from its physical run to a virtual run due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which resulted in a record-breaking success. With Coway Malaysia’s creative and inspiring implementation of the virtual Coway Run, it broke the Malaysian Book of Records for - Most Number of Virtual Run Tickets Sold in a Day. Almost 10,000 Coway Run 2021 tickets were sold within 24 hours of its launch.

This historic achievement made Coway Malaysia a true contender for this award that aims to recognise the best brand events in the Asia Pacific region. The focus of this award was on how brands were able to combine the best of pre-pandemic event planning with post-pandemic strategies through technology and creative passion. Thanks to the brand’s loyal Coway Run participants, this award has put Coway in the international limelight and further validates the brand’s ability to garner unwavering support and engagement year after year.

Giving back to the community is the basis of the Cowayian Spirit
During the Covid-19 pandemic, Coway Malaysia never failed to show how it stood united as one in solidarity with the community, through its We Stand as One (WSAO) Campaign. Through this campaign, Coway demonstrated how the company understood the various hardships faced by the different communities in Malaysia and this campaign saw Coway being recognised by the D-Awards 2022 for Best Use of Digital Innovation: Non-Profit/Pro-Bono Campaign (Silver).

This campaign was launched as an innovative campaign by the people, with the people and for the people. It was solely to paint a picture of solidarity and hope for Malaysia and Malaysians as the country got through the Covid-19 pandemic together. Numerous social influencers got together with Coway Malaysia to spread the campaign’s message and it was also broadcasted on television and social media. This campaign further highlighted how the company worked with various communities to support charities and underprivileged children.

Besides the WSAO Campaign, Coway Malaysia is also known for its many Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives that have been recognised through the Sustainability & CSR Malaysia Award 2022 for Company of the Year (Home Appliance category). This award recognised all of Coway Malaysia’s 2021 CSR Initiatives and its aspirations for the communities and environment.

At Coway, the company is always committed to giving back to the community and this determination only heightened this year. Among some of the CSR initiatives carried out this year are WASH projects in collaboration with MERCY Malaysia where clean water and sanitation in Pitas Sabah by constructing a centralised rainwater harvesting system and a centralised sanitation zone. Besides that, Coway Malaysia supported the NDO by providing English tutoring and squash training, especially to children from the B40 and M40 families. Coway’s Happy Water Project also hits its mark of reaching out to 1,000 Orang Asli families in Pahang, Perak and Selangor despite the Covid-19 challenges. Not forgetting, MERCY Malaysia’s WASH Project which constructed a gravity feed system (GFS) at Gua Musang with a complete piping distribution network for clean water accessibility to villages nearby.

In terms of the environment, Coway’s staff, customers and members of the public carried out 12 clean-up initiatives covering various river points in Klang Valley, community parks and beach clean-ups nationwide. From these activities, the team was able to collect a staggering amount of 2,104.8kg of rubbish. Coway also planted 400 baby corals at Tioman Island as part of the coral restoration efforts.

Earlier this year, Coway also organised the first EcoCamp 2022 where lucky customers were brought on a trip to witness the coral planting and to raise awareness about the importance of caring for the coral reeds in Malaysia.

Additionally, a charity cause was driven behind the Coway Run 2022 through NFT artwork auction where all proceeds were channelled to charitable organisations such as EcoKnights, MERCY Malaysia, Reef Check Malaysia, Nicole David Organisation (NDO) and Global Peace Foundation.

Most recently, Coway was recognised through The Korea-Malaysia ESG Forum 2022 with a Platinum Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Excellence Award organised by The Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Malaysia and the Ministry of International, Trade and Industry. The ESG forum commended the efforts being made by both Korean and Malaysian governments in advancing the energy transition to achieve the goal of carbon neutrality by 2050.

A vision of refined tastes
Aside from producing high-quality innovative products, Coway Malaysia also takes aesthetics into mind, not only for their products but also for the interior design of their premises. This creative thoughtfulness has won the company the Atap Design Awards 2022 for Best Retail Design – Coway Experience Centre along with the A’Design Award 2022 for Interior Space Retail and Exhibition Design – Coway Experience Centre (Bronze). The latter award is a renowned one known as the world’s largest, most prestigious, influential and is dubbed to be one of the highest achievements to receive in the design industry.

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