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Coway Malaysia Partners with Reef Check Malaysia

Did you know that coral reefs play an important role in the marine ecosystem? They keep the ocean clean and provide a natural habitat for marine life.

Coway Malaysia is running a coral restoration programme in partnership with Reef Check Malaysia, in which we have successfully deployed 400 coral nubbins (baby corals) at a damaged reef area around Tioman Island.

The coral nubbins are secured on cement blocks made out of recycled glass bottles collected around the island, encouraging the islanders to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Maintenance of the sensitive and delicate coral nubbins is very critical in the initial months. Our dedicated divers will frequently clean and monitor the corals closely until they are stable and strong enough to grow on their own. This will help ensure higher survival and growth rates for the corals.

We at Coway take our CSR and sustainability efforts seriously because we believe innovation and a simple act of giving can bring life-changing impact for our future generations.

Let’s change for a better tomorrow with Coway!

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